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About LuckaSoft

Luckasoft Software is a privately owned dynamic software company based in Bocholt, Germany, that specializes in advanced development tools. Founded in 2001, Luckasoft Software aims to produce high quality, user-friendly applications with comprehensive online help and support.

Our focus is quality. We invest considerable capital, energy, and creativity into creating and testing high-quality software products. We will continually improve the quality of our software in order to maintain and extend our reputation for excellence.

Our main field of activity on the German market is development of software for the packaging industry. Here you can get a detailed overview of our packaging software and download free trial versions.

Our commercial products are Shareware, which is a means of distributing software on a "try before you buy" basis. With this method we are sure that the program you buy meets your needs. If you are interested in a program which is in our catalogue, you can buy it directly from ShareIt Web Server using your credit card. This direct selling method permits us to sell our products at very low prices. Last but not least, we offer a lifetime license with our products.

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LuckaSoft Anholter Str. 2B
D-46395 Bocholt Germany
Phone: +49 2871 233 8 01
Fax: +49 2871 233 8 02
VAT-ID: DE 227443029
St.-No.: 307/5111/0918

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